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Biology : Human Organ Systems I

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Human Organ System

1Nasal cavity  Larger dust particles in the inhaled air are trapped in the mucus and hair found here.
2Oral CavityFood is mixed with saliva here.
3Salivary GlandIt secretes saliva.
5TracheaIt is a muscular tube containing semicircular rings of cartilages.
6BronchiThese are formed by division of trachea.
7LungsExchange of gases occurs here.
8HeartIt pumps blood to various parts of the body.
9EsophagusFood descends from mouth to stomach through this muscular tube.
10Gall BladderBile is stored here.
11LiverBile is secreted here.
12StomachChurning of food occurs here.
13PancreasIt secretes pancreatic juice.
14Large IntestineMost of the ingested water is absorbed here.
15Small IntestineAbsorption of food occurs here.
16AnusUndigested food is excreted out of the body through this opening.

Try the Quiz : Biology : Human Organ Systems I

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