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Indian History Quiz  Mahatma Gandhi

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Who was the first President of India?Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Who built the Grand Trunk Road?Sher Shah Suri
Who built the Agra Fort?Akbar
Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?Shah Jahan
Who built the Qutub Minar?Qutb-ud-din Aibak
In whose memory was the Taj Mahal built?Mumtaz Mahal
Name the Rajput princess whom Akbar married.Jodha Bai
Who was the last ruler of the Mughal dynasty?Bahadur Shah Zafar
Who defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle of Panipat in 1526?Babur
Name the famous battle that Rana Pratap fought against Akbar's forces.Haldighat
Who was the founder of Sikhism?Guru Nanak
Who was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism?Vardhamana Mahavir
Name the holy book of the Parsis.Zend Avesta
Which religion has 24 great teachers called Tirthankaras?Jainism
Who built the famous Sanchi stupa?Ashoka
Where is the Deer Park where Buddha first preached his religion?Sarnath
Name the place where Buddha was born.Lumbini
Name the capital of King Vikramaditya.Ujjain
What was Patna known as in ancient times?Pataliputra
Which king had Chanakya as his minister?Chandragupta Maurya
Name Maharana Pratap's famous horse.Chetak
Who was the first Viceroy of India?Lord Canning
Who was the last Viceroy of India?Lord Mountbatten
Which of Akbar's uncles served as his guardian and won the Delhi throne for Akbar?Bairam Khan
In which century was Lord Buddha born?6th century B.C.
When did Gandhiji launch the Quit India movement?9th August 1942
When did Jawaharlal Nehru die?27th May 1964
How many days did the battle of Mahabharata last?18
How many times did Mahmud of Gazni invade India?17

Try the Quiz : Indian History - Quiz Games

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