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Japan : Japanese Culture Quiz

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What is 'Hina Matsuri' ?a doll festival in Japan
What is a 'kotatsu' ?a low table with a heater below it, used by Japanese in winter
What is 'bonsai' ?art of dwarfing trees
What is 'origami' ?art of folding paper
Which flower represents the Imperial family of Japan ?Chrysanthemum
Which country's education system inspired the Meiji reformers while developing a new education system for Japan ?France
What is the Japanese name (meaning Sun Disk) for Japan's flag ?Hinomaru
What is Japan's national language ?Japanese
What is the traditional clothing of Japan called ?Kimono
What is a custom practised in Japan ?Removing the footwear before entering the home
What is popular food in Japan ?Rice and Fish
What is the title used before a man's name in Japan ?San
Which is not a Japanese martial art ?Tae Kwon Do
What does a famous style of Japanese art called 'ukiyo-e' involve ?woodblock prints

Try the Quiz : Japan : Japanese Culture Quiz

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