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Japan Quiz : Japanese Snacks

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Given the SNACKS, identify the JAPANESE NAME

1. scrambled bean curd
Answer: iri doofu

2. fish cakes
Answer: kamaboko

3. fried eggs
Answer: medama yaki

4. steamed dumplings filled with meat
Answer: nikuman, manjyu

5. japanese omelets stuffed with vegetables, fish and meat
Answer: okonomiyaki

6. omelet
Answer: omerutsu

7. rice parcel with savory filling
Answer: onigiri

8. special snacks like assorted rice crackers and salted dried fish served with japanese rice wine or sake
Answer: otsumami

9. Thinly sliced raw fish pieces served with soy sauce and horseradish (wasabi)
Answer: sashimi

10. rice crackers
Answer: senbee

11. vinegared rice and raw fish rolled in seaweed
Answer: sushi

12. thin slices of different kinds of meat, seafood and vegetables coated with a light batter and deep-fried
Answer: tempura

13. deep-fried breaded pork cutlet
Answer: ton katsu

14. grilled bean curd
Answer: yaki doofu

15. grilled or barbequed corn on the cob
Answer: yaki toomorokoshi

16. chicken pieces marinated in sweet soy sauce and barbequed
Answer: yakitori

17. grilled fish
Answer: yaki zakana

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