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History : History Vocabulary V

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allianceunion, confederation, or formal relation between States by agreement
anthropologistscientist who studies man and society
appeasementsatisfaction of aggressor by granting of concessions
archaeologistscientist who studies prehistoric remains and artifacts of early man
archeryuse of bow and arrows
bartertrade by exchange of goods
Brahmasupreme Hindu deity or creator of the universe
caliph, Khalifasuccessor of prophet Mohammed; official head of Islam
castesocial class in Hindu society based on birth
cavalrysoldiers on horseback
coalitiontemporary alliance between political parties
colonyterritory directly controlled by an outside power, sometimes by force
covenantsealed contract or binding agreement
customtraditional and generally accepted practice
daimyowarrior knight of Japan directly below the shogun during the feudal period
disciplestudent or follower of a leader of religious thought
dynastyruling family with line of hereditary rulers
expeditionvoyage or journey with a definite purpose
federationunion formed by joining together of two or more states
feudalismsystem of rule by local lords with ties of loyalty to a king
fiefterritory held in fee or provided in exchange for loyalty
haikushort Japanese poem that describes scene or generates feelings
imperialismrule of emperor or control of colony / region by another country
infantrysoldiers on foot
Koransacred book of Mohammedans
minaretslender tower of mosque
nirvanastate of losing oneself and attaining impersonal beatitude as per Buddhist highest good
nomadwanderer who roams different pastures
quotashare for each person, party or state
relicssurviving remnant or memento of holy person kept after death
sagewise and holy person
samuraiwarrior knight of Japan during the feudal period; army officer in modern Japan
scripturesacred book of a religion or the Bible
siltsediment rich in minerals deposited by moving water or flooding rivers
simonytrading of religious offices; trafficking in church promotions
sovereignruler with supreme power exempt from external control
statesmanwise experienced practical politician involved in management of State affairs
statuesculptured figure of person or animal usually the same size as in real life or larger
status quostate of affairs as of some date or event
tariffschedule of duties on goods
terrorismsystematic intimidation or unlawful violent acts by a group to further a cause
tithetax of one-tenth paid to the church, especially of annual land produce
zaibatsuwealthy Japanese families who own large businesses and dominate the economy

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