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History : Famous Leaders VIII - Who am I ?

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Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.

1. I was the King of Macedonia. I conquered the Persian empire by fighting against Darius III, who was the King of Persia. I was called the 'King of Asia'. Who am I?
Answer: Alexander the Great

2. I was a great warrior and military leader of the Carolingian empire. During my reign, art, architecture and literature flourished. I also advocated Christianity and forced people to accept this as their religion. I was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III on Christmas day in Rome. Who am I?
Answer: Charlemagne

3. I reunited the vast Roman empire. I was the first Roman emperor to advocate Christianity. I conquered Greece. I also rebuilt the Greek city of Byzantine and made it my capital. Byzantine was later renamed in my honour. Who am I?
Answer: Constantine the Great

4. I became the King of Persia in 546 B.C. and I was the founder of the Persian empire. I also conquered Babylon in 538 B.C. Who am I?
Answer: Cyrus the Great

5. I was born in Athens. I was famous for my speeches against the invasion of Greece by King Philip of Macedonia. My greatest speech was 'On the Crown'. I died by swallowing poison. Who am I?
Answer: Demosthenes

6. I was the King of England. I was the son of King Henry III. I conquered Wales. I was buried at the Westminster Abbey. Who am I?
Answer: Edward I

7. I was born in Virginia, United States of America. I played a vital role in America's attainment of freedom. I crushed the Whisky Rebellion in 1794. I was elected as the President for two consecutive terms. I also died in Virginia. Who am I?
Answer: George Washington

8. I was born in Rome. I was a great Roman general and dictator. I conquered Gaul. I defeated Pompey the Great. The month of 'Quintil' was renamed in my honour. Who am I?
Answer: Julius Caesar
The month of 'Quintil' was renamed 'July' in Julius Caesar's honour.

9. I was a fair and just French ruler. During my reign, peace and prosperity prevailed. I made running the government easier and improved the tax distribution. I was the only King of France to achieve sainthood. Who am I?
Answer: Louis IX

10. I was a Frenchman. I was born in Corsica. I was exiled to the island of Elba. Later, I was also exiled to the island of St. Helena, where I died. Who am I?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

11. I was the first Emperor of Rome. I along with some others killed Brutus and Cassius who murdered my great-uncle. I also defeated Marcus Anthony. In 27 B.C., the Roman Senate named me 'Augustus', which means 'the holy one'. Who am I?
Answer: Octavius Caesar

12. I was born in Spain. I was the King of Spain and Portugal. I married Queen Mary I of England. Who am I?
Answer: Philip II

13. I was an American. I wrote the 'Decleration of Independence'. Who am I?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

14. I was a famous Mongol conqueror. I conquered Persia and invaded India. I am well-known for my victory against the Ottoman Turks. Who am I?
Answer: Timur the Lame

15. I was a great Monarch of England. I succeeded my father as the Duke of Normandy. I also defeated the Harold Godwinson, the Earl of Wessex at Battle of Hastings to ascend the throne. Who am I?
Answer: William I

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