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Early Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten : Rhyming Words I

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Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words I

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  • SIT : HIT
    - SIT down.
    Do not HIT me.

  • HAT : SAT
    - Wear your HAT.
    I SAT on the chair.

  • HOT : POT
    - The tea is HOT.
    There is water in the POT.

  • CUT : HUT
    - CUT the paper.
    He lives in a HUT.

  • WET : PET
    - My clothes are WET.
    He has a PET dog.

  • PAN : VAN
    - Put some oil in the PAN.
    Please sit in the van.

  • HEN : PEN
    - The HEN laid an egg.
    This is an ink PEN.

  • PIN : TIN
    - This PIN has a sharp tip.
    There are cookies in the TIN.

  • SUN : GUN
    - The SUN is shining brightly.
    The hunter shot with his gun.

  • DOG : LOG
    - The DOG barked loudly.
    Where is the LOG of wood?

  • BAG : WAG
    - Take your school BAG.
    Dogs WAG their tails when happy.

  • PIG : DIG
    - This is a fat PIG.
    DIG a hole in the garden.

  • MUG : RUG
    - There is coffee in the MUG.
    There is a mouse under the RUG.

  • BAD : PAD
    - I am not a BAD kid.
    Write on that PAD.

  • RED : BED
    - These cherries are RED.
    Sleep on the BED.

  • LID : KID
    - Where is the LID of this jar?
    What a naughty KID you are!

  • ROD : GOD
    - That is an iron ROD.
    May GOD bless you.

  • MUD : BUD
    - The MUD in the garden is wet.
    This is a red rose BUD.

  • CAP : LAP
    - Please wear your CAP.
    The baby is asleep in its mother's LAP.

  • LIP : TIP
    - You have a cut on your LIP.
    Give the waiter a TIP.

  • TOP : HOP
    - Can you spin a TOP?
    Did you HOP in that race?

  • COW : NOW
    - The COW gives us milk.
    I must leave NOW.

  • SAW : PAW
    - She SAW an eagle.
    The cat has hurt its PAW.

  • NEW : FEW
    - She wore her NEW dress.
    Give me a FEW candies.

  • CAR : JAR
    - He likes that toy CAR.
    There are some chocolates in the JAR.

  • GUM : HUM
    - She likes chewing GUM.
    Can you hear the bee HUM?

  • HIM : RIM
    - Please give HIM your pencil.
    These dishes have a golden rim.

  • HAM : JAM
    - I like HAM sandwiches.
    She likes strawberry JAM.

  • DAY : WAY
    - It is a nice sunny DAY.
    She lost her WAY in the woods.

  • TOY : JOY
    - Buy me a new TOY.
    I find great JOY in playing football.

Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words I

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