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Early Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten : Rhyming Words I

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Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words I

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Do not HIT me.
HATSATWear your HAT.
I SAT on the chair.
HOTPOTThe tea is HOT.
There is water in the POT.
CUTHUTCUT the paper.
He lives in a HUT.
WETPETMy clothes are WET.
He has a PET dog.
PANVANPut some oil in the PAN.
Please sit in the van.
HENPENThe HEN laid an egg.
This is an ink PEN.
PINTINThis PIN has a sharp tip.
There are cookies in the TIN.
SUNGUNThe SUN is shining brightly.
The hunter shot with his gun.
DOGLOGThe DOG barked loudly.
Where is the LOG of wood?
BAGWAGTake your school BAG.
Dogs WAG their tails when happy.
PIGDIGThis is a fat PIG.
DIG a hole in the garden.
MUGRUGThere is coffee in the MUG.
There is a mouse under the RUG.
BADPADI am not a BAD kid.
Write on that PAD.
REDBEDThese cherries are RED.
Sleep on the BED.
LIDKIDWhere is the LID of this jar?
What a naughty KID you are!
RODGODThat is an iron ROD.
May GOD bless you.
MUDBUDThe MUD in the garden is wet.
This is a red rose BUD.
CAPLAPPlease wear your CAP.
The baby is asleep in its mother's LAP.
LIPTIPYou have a cut on your LIP.
Give the waiter a TIP.
TOPHOPCan you spin a TOP?
Did you HOP in that race?
COWNOWThe COW gives us milk.
I must leave NOW.
SAWPAWShe SAW an eagle.
The cat has hurt its PAW.
NEWFEWShe wore her NEW dress.
Give me a FEW candies.
CARJARHe likes that toy CAR.
There are some chocolates in the JAR.
GUMHUMShe likes chewing GUM.
Can you hear the bee HUM?
HIMRIMPlease give HIM your pencil.
These dishes have a golden rim.
HAMJAMI like HAM sandwiches.
She likes strawberry JAM.
DAYWAYIt is a nice sunny DAY.
She lost her WAY in the woods.
TOYJOYBuy me a new TOY.
I find great JOY in playing football.

Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words I

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