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NEW: All the quiz types below support multiple formats and let you choose from FLASH CARDS, Thrillionaire game and one question at a time formats.

NEW: Create quizzes on our server and integrate them into your web site.

User's Guide to Quiz Authoring


Flash Card    NEW
      Designed for review of material just like traditional flash cards.
      View Sample: GRE Verbal Ability Test: Analogies.

Multiple choice with choices provided by the author
      For practice or testing with emphasis on recognition of answers.
      View Sample: English Language : Homonym Quiz by Mr. Stott.

Multiple choice with choices selected from right answers
      For practice or testing with emphasis on recognition of answers.
      View Sample: French : Objets de La Salle de Classe by Ms. Marilyn Buchholz

Fill in a blank field
      For practice or testing with emphasis on recalling the correct answers.
      View Sample: Chemistry : Nomenclature for Elements by Mrs. Dzierzanowski

True or False   
      To assess the retention of facts related to any subject.
      View Sample: Java Programming Language: Basics

Number of questions in each quiz  ?
Number of questions in the database  ?
Tip: Keep the database size larger than the number of questions to get dynamically generated quizzes with questions randomly picked from the database. To get a fixed set of questions in each quiz, keep the database size same as the number of questions in each quiz.
If multiple choice: arrange options Vertically    Horizontally    Two columns
If multiple choice: number of options
This includes the correct answer as one option.
If not multiple choice: case sensitive scoring No      Yes

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