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Syvum Family Fun Zone

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The Syvum Family Fun Zone has something for every member of the family. These pages are rich in content with a wide variety of Online Quizzes, Brain Teasers, IQ Tests, Vocabulary Building Exercises, Recipes etc. for just about any member of the family. Neat categorization of the whole page into Kids, Teens, College Students and General Interest helps you navigate easily through the site and quickly get what you are looking for.

Interactivity and dynamic content are two things which differentiate Syvum web pages from what you find on any other web site. For instance, we have the ability to generate a new set of questions everytime you try a quiz. Another example is the automatic update of key parameters in a recipe depending on the number of persons you wish to serve.

Syvum Family Fun Zone has been categorized into the following, to help users in easy navigation:

There is an entire section devoted to the youngest members of the family. This is the ideal place for your kids to start learning and increasing their knowledge. Parents will be glad that the numerical values of the problems or the questions in the quizzes are not the same every time the child tries them out. The kids will be glad that they will not get bored with the same questions over and over again. Also, at Syvum, the scoring is done automatically and promptly. They will have to understand the concept behind the problem and then solve the problem. This method has been proven to be superior to other methods of learning.


Syvum Family Fun Zone offers substantial content to challenge teenagers. The dynamic and interactive pages are designed to satisfy the intellectual needs of today's teenage world.


College Students:
This section has been written specifically for College/University youth. The main topics offered are:


General Interest:
For people with a culinary inclination, we have recipes from around the world. Using the power of our proprietary SyvumBook technology, we have created a set of interactive and dynamic recipes. You can change the key parameters that affect cooking procedures, e.g., the number of people and automatically find the amount of ingredients and cooking times updated. Syvum is the first web site to offer such interactive recipes. You will find Soups, Starters, Salads, Desserts, Entrees, etc. Try the following Indian Vegetarian Recipes:

Quick Okra   |   Green Peas Rice
More Recipes

All this and much much more...
Only at the Syvum Family Fun Zone!

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