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DNA Replication

This quiz is based on the process of DNA replication in both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.

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A repeating DNA sequence at the end of chromosomes that prevents them from losing base pair sequences at their ends and from fusing together is called :

  A Telomere

  A Telomerase

  A replicon

  None of the above.

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The enzyme that creates a short RNA oligonucleotide at initiation sites where replication is to be carried out is called :


  DNA Ligase

  DNA Gyrase


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The enzyme X removes RNA primers attached by Primase and this gap is then filled in by DNA Polymerase I. The enzyme X is :

  RNase H

  DNA amylase

  DNA ligase

  Reverse Transcriptase

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The enzyme that stitches Okazaki fragments together (along the lagging strand) is called :



  DNA Polymerase II

  DNA Ligase

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The enzyme that (during replication) proceeds along one of the strands of a DNA molecule adding deoxy-nucleotide-triphosphates to hydrogen bond with their appropriate complementary dNTP on the other single strand and to form a covalent phosphodiester bond with the previous nucleotide of the same strand is called :

  DNA Polymerase III

  DNA Polymerase II


  DNA Polymerase I

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Because DNA polymerase III can only act from 5' to 3', continuous strand growth can be achieved only along one of the template strands (Leading strand) and strand growth along the other strand must occur discontinuously resulting in the production of a series of short sections of new DNA called :

  Replicon fragments

  Okazaki fragments

  Klenow fragments

  None of the above

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A major difference between DNA replication in prokaryotes and eukaryotes is :

  DNA amylase performs the function of DNA helicase in prokaryotes

  there is only one replication origin in prokaryotes.

  prokaryotes do not use Topoisomerase in the replication process

  replication is conservative in prokaryotes

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