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DNA Replication

This quiz is based on the process of DNA replication in both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.

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An enzyme that recognizes and cuts DNA only at a particular sequence of nucleotides is often called :

  Restriction endonuclease

  RNA polymerase


  DNA glycosylase

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A mamalian cell typically has 1.2 meters (when completely outstretched) of double stranded DNA.The total time to duplicate the DNA is 5 hours. How many origins of replication are there if the rate of duplication is 16µmeters/min ?





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Because DNA polymerase III can only act from 5' to 3', continuous strand growth can be achieved only along one of the template strands (Leading strand) and strand growth along the other strand must occur discontinuously resulting in the production of a series of short sections of new DNA called :

  Replicon fragments

  Okazaki fragments

  Klenow fragments

  None of the above

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The enzyme that creates a short RNA oligonucleotide at initiation sites where replication is to be carried out is called :


  DNA Ligase

  DNA Gyrase


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What does transformation involve in Bacteria ?

  the infection of cells by a phage DNA molecule

  the creation of a strand of DNA from RNA

  the creation of a strand of RNA from DNA

  assimilation of external DNA into a cell

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The enzyme that replaces the nucleotides of the RNA primer with the appropriate DNA nucleotides is :

  DNA Polymerase II

  RNA Polymerase

  DNA Ligase

  DNA Gyrase

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A repeating DNA sequence at the end of chromosomes that prevents them from losing base pair sequences at their ends and from fusing together is called :

  A Telomere

  A Telomerase

  A replicon

  None of the above.

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