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US Presidents Facts Quiz

Presidents of the United States are elected to serve a 4-year term of office. Since the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution in 1951, no US President is permitted to serve more than two terms.
Check your knowledge of the US Presidents with this quiz.

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Who is the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms ?
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Which US President is associated with the Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt ?
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Which US President's campaign team was called CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) ?
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Which US President was so destitute several years after leaving office that he wrote his memoirs to sell to magazines?
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Before the Bushes, this is the only case where a father and a son have become US Presidents. Who is the father?
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Pictures of Presidents appear on US coins. Which US President's picture appears on the silver dollar ?
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Who was the first Rhodes Scholar to become US President ?
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