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US Presidents Facts Quiz

Presidents of the United States are elected to serve a 4-year term of office. Since the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution in 1951, no US President is permitted to serve more than two terms.
Check your knowledge of the US Presidents with this quiz.

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Which US President wrote the Declaration of Independence?

  Franklin Roosevelt

  John Quincy Adams

  Dwight D. Eisenhower

  Thomas Jefferson

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Which US President was also a US Senator, Governor of New York, US Secretary of State, and US Vice-President?

  Millard Fillmore

  Martin Van Buren

  Grover Cleveland

  Lyndon Johnson

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Who was the only US President to order the dropping of a nuclear bomb on an enemy ?

  Andrew Jackson

  Harry Truman

  Abraham Lincoln

  William Harrison

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Who is the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms ?

  Grover Cleveland

  James Polk

  Theodore Roosevelt

  Calvin Coolidge

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Who is the only US President to have a national park named after him ?

  Theodore Roosevelt

  James Madison

  William Clinton

  Herbert Hoover

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Which US President said "Don't let them hurt him" when he was fatally wounded and the crowd mobbed his assassin ?

  William McKinley

  Zachary Taylor

  Ronald Reagan

  Chester Arthur

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Which US President was a war hero and was nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready" ?

  James Carter

  Abraham Lincoln

  Zachary Taylor

  James Monroe

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