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Biology : Plant & Animal Cells III (Parts & Functions)

Given the PLANT / ANIMAL

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Mitochondrion     1It synthesizes and secretes certain substances, namely hormones and enzymes. It also helps in the formation of acrosome of sperm.
Nuclear Membrane     2It is semi-permeable, allowing substances to enter and leave the nucleus of the cell. It also provides protection to the nucleus of the cell.
Nucleus     Hint       3It is a plastid, containing pigments such as xanthophyll (yellow in color) and carotene (orangish-red in color). These pigments impart color to flowers and fruits of plants.
Chromoplast     4It controls and coordinates all the activities and functions of the cell. It plays a vital role in cell division.
Golgi Apparatus     Hint       5It is the site of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) synthesis. It also synthesizes respiratory enzymes.

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