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History : Famous Leaders VII - Who am I ?

Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.
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I was an Englishman. I became the Secretary of State for India in 1915. Later, in 1924, I became the Secretary of State for foreign affairs. Who am I?     1William Pitt
I was born in 1638. I became the King at the age of only 4! I ruled France from 1643 till my death in 1715. I also invaded Holland, which gave rise to the Third Dutch War. Who am I?     2Napoleon Bonaparte
I was the British Secretary of State. I was also the nominal Prime Minister twice. I opposed the Treaty of Paris. I was the first Earl of Chatham and I accepted this title in 1766. Who am I?     3Louis XIV
I was born in England. I am very famous for my victories against Napoleon, the French General. I am well-known for my victory against Napoleon in the Battle of the Nile in 1978. Who am I?     4Horatio Nelson
I was a Frenchman. I was nicknamed 'The Little Corporal'. Who am I?     5Austen Chamberlain

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