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History : Famous Leaders VIII - Who am I ?

Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.
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I became the King of Persia in 546 B.C. and I was the founder of the Persian empire. I also conquered Babylon in 538 B.C. Who am I?     1Charlemagne
I was a famous Mongol conqueror. I conquered Persia and invaded India. I am well-known for my victory against the Ottoman Turks. Who am I?     2Philip II
I was born in Spain. I was the King of Spain and Portugal. I married Queen Mary I of England. Who am I?     3Timur the Lame
I was a fair and just French ruler. During my reign, peace and prosperity prevailed. I made running the government easier and improved the tax distribution. I was the only King of France to achieve sainthood. Who am I?     4Cyrus the Great
I was a great warrior and military leader of the Carolingian empire. During my reign, art, architecture and literature flourished. I also advocated Christianity and forced people to accept this as their religion. I was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III on Christmas day in Rome. Who am I?     5Louis IX

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