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  • Ezra : He was a prophet. He taught the Jews when they came back to Jerusalem.
  • Goliath : He was a Philistine giant. He was killed by David.
  • Haman : He was a leader for the king in Babylon. He wanted to kill all the Jews. Esther stopped him.
  • Isaac : He was the righteous son of Abraham and Sarah. He was the father of Jacob and Esau.
  • Isaiah : He was a prophet. He warned the people of Israel to turn back to Yahweh.
  • Jacob : He was the righteous son of Isaac. He had twelve sons. Jesus changed his name to Israel.
  • Jeremiah : He was a prophet. God appointed him to confront Judah and Jerusalem for the worship of idols and other violations of the covenant.
  • Jeroboam : He was a wicked king of the Kingdom of Israel.
  • Jesse : He was the father of King David. He lived in Bethlehem.
  • Job : He was a righteous man. He had many troubles, but he still loved God.
  • Jonah : He was a prophet. A big fish swallowed him. He taught the people in Nineveh.
  • Joseph : He was a righteous son of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers sold him. He became a leader in Egypt.
  • Joshua : Joshua was the prophet after Moses. He helped the Israelites capture the promised land.
  • Laban : He was the father of Leah and Rachel.
  • Lehi : He was a prophet in Jerusalem. God told him to leave Jerusalem. His family went to America.
  • Melchizedek : He was a righteous king. He had the priesthood. Abraham paid tithing to him.
  • Meshach : He was a righteous Jew and a friend of Daniel. Jesus saved him from burning in the furnace.

Try the Quiz : Biblical Characters E-M

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