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EzraHe was a prophet. He taught the Jews when they came back to Jerusalem.
GoliathHe was a Philistine giant. He was killed by David.
HamanHe was a leader for the king in Babylon. He wanted to kill all the Jews. Esther stopped him.
IsaacHe was the righteous son of Abraham and Sarah. He was the father of Jacob and Esau.
IsaiahHe was a prophet. He warned the people of Israel to turn back to Yahweh.
JacobHe was the righteous son of Isaac. He had twelve sons. Jesus changed his name to Israel.
JeremiahHe was a prophet. God appointed him to confront Judah and Jerusalem for the worship of idols and other violations of the covenant.
JeroboamHe was a wicked king of the Kingdom of Israel.
JesseHe was the father of King David. He lived in Bethlehem.
JobHe was a righteous man. He had many troubles, but he still loved God.
JonahHe was a prophet. A big fish swallowed him. He taught the people in Nineveh.
JosephHe was a righteous son of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers sold him. He became a leader in Egypt.
JoshuaJoshua was the prophet after Moses. He helped the Israelites capture the promised land.
LabanHe was the father of Leah and Rachel.
LehiHe was a prophet in Jerusalem. God told him to leave Jerusalem. His family went to America.
MelchizedekHe was a righteous king. He had the priesthood. Abraham paid tithing to him.
MeshachHe was a righteous Jew and a friend of Daniel. Jesus saved him from burning in the furnace.

Try the Quiz : Biblical Characters E-M

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