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Biblical Places tower_of_babel

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AmericaThis was the land where the Jaredites went when they left the Tower of Babel.
AshkelonThis city was one of the seaports in the promised land.
BabylonThis was the land near the promised land. An army from this land captured the Kingdom of Judah and made the people slaves.
BethelThis was the place where Jacob had a dream about a ladder to heaven.
BethlehemThis was a city in the promised land. David grew up in this city.
CanaanThis was the land where Jacob lived. It was the promised land. Later the Israelites captured this land and called it Israel.
EdenThis was the land were Adam and Eve lived.
EgyptThis was the land where the Israelites were slaves. Moses led the Israelites out of this land.
JerichoThis land was captured by Joshua.
JerusalemThis was the land where King Solomon built a temple.
MidianThis was the land where Moses took refuge after killing an Egyptian.
MoabThis was the land where Naomi's son married Ruth.
Mount SinaiThis was the land where God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses.
UrThis was a land where Abraham lived.
ZionThis was the land where Enoch was the prophet.

Try the Quiz : Biblical Places

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