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Biology : Human Organ Systems III

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  • Bronchi are 2 in number.
  • Heart is divided into 4 chambers.
  • There are total premolars in an adult human being.
  • An average human adult has 32  teeth.
  • A healthy human adult has 206 bones.
  •  Anus is the opening in the body through which feces are excreted.
  • Blood is distributed to various parts of the body through blood vessels known as arteries.
  • Heart lies on the left side of the chest cavity.
  • Complex food particles are broken into simple food particles through the process of digestion.
  • Ears are the organs of hearing.
  • Food descends from the mouth to the stomach through a muscular tube known as esophagus.
  • Kidneys are the main excretory organs.
  • Larynx is also known as 'voice box'.
  •  Lungs are the main respiratory organs.
  •  Nose is the organ of smell.
  • Salivary glands secrete a fluid known as saliva which helps in digestion as well as in swallowing of food.
  • Oral cavity remains moist due to presence of a fluid known as saliva.
  • Tongue is a muscular leaf-like structure helpful in swallowing of food and speaking.
  •  Urethra is a tubular structure through which urine is excreted out of the body.
  •  Urinary bladder is a sac-like structure which stores urine.
  • Blood is returned to the heart from various body parts through blood vessels known as veins.

 Excretory System

  • Name part 1 in the following diagram: : Kidney
  • Name part 2 in the following diagram: : Ureter 
  • Identify the Urinary Bladder in the following diagram: : 3
  • Identify the Urethra in the following diagram: : 4

Try the Quiz : Biology : Human Organ Systems III

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