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Biology : Human Organ Systems III

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Bronchi are 2 in number.
Heart is divided into 4 chambers.
There are total 8  premolars in an adult human being.
An average human adult has 32  teeth.
A healthy human adult has 206 bones.
 Anus is the opening in the body through which feces are excreted.
Blood is distributed to various parts of the body through blood vessels known as arteries.
Heart lies on the left side of the chest cavity.
Complex food particles are broken into simple food particles through the process of digestion.
Ears are the organs of hearing.
Food descends from the mouth to the stomach through a muscular tube known as esophagus.
Kidneys are the main excretory organs.
Larynx is also known as 'voice box'.
 Lungs are the main respiratory organs.
 Nose is the organ of smell.
Salivary glands secrete a fluid known as saliva which helps in digestion as well as in swallowing of food.
Oral cavity remains moist due to presence of a fluid known as saliva.
Tongue is a muscular leaf-like structure helpful in swallowing of food and speaking.
 Urethra is a tubular structure through which urine is excreted out of the body.
 Urinary bladder is a sac-like structure which stores urine.
Blood is returned to the heart from various body parts through blood vessels known as veins.

 Excretory System

Name part 1 in the following diagram:Kidney
Name part 2 in the following diagram:Ureter 
Identify the Urinary Bladder in the following diagram:3
Identify the Urethra in the following diagram:4

Try the Quiz : Biology : Human Organ Systems III

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