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History : History Vocabulary III

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  • antiquity : old times especially before the Middle Ages
  • apprentice : person who learns a skill from an expert
  • artifact : object made by human beings
  • barbarian : person who is uncultured or uncivilized
  • chivalry : medieval knightly system showing courtesy and bravery
  • conqueror : person especially king who takes possession of territory by force
  • consul : official chosen by vote to govern Rome; State agent in foreign country
  • crusade : medieval military expedition to recover Palestine; campaign against recognized evil
  • descendant : person born in the same family with common ancestor
  • edict : order or official statement issued by authority
  • entrepreneur : person who takes financial risks hoping for large profits and control of commercial enterprise
  • exile : long absence from one's country as punishment
  • gipsy, gypsy : member of a wandering race especially Asian
  • hermit : person who has withdrawn from society and is living alone
  • humanism : literary culture and intellectual movement during the Renaissance with devotion to human interests
  • inhabitant : person who dwells in a place
  • knight : person raised to honorable military rank
  • mandate : order to act from the League of Nations
  • Middle Ages : period about A.D. 1000 - 1400; period of history in Europe after fall of the Roman Empire
  • missionary : person who preaches a religion or goes on religious missions
  • mystic : person who believes in spiritual power or hidden meaning
  • nationalism : patriotic feelings for one's country
  • navigator : person who directs the course of a ship or voyage often using charts
  • Nazi : member of German National Socialist party
  • pacificist : person opposed to force, war and serving in the military
  • Pan-Africanism : movement for political union of all Africans
  • partisan : person committed to a party, side or cause
  • patrician : person of noble birth especially wealthy landowner in ancient Rome
  • patriot : lover of one's country
  • philosopher : person in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge
  • plebeian : person of low birth especially common person in ancient Rome
  • pogrom : organized massacre especially of Jewish community in Russia
  • portrait : painting, photograph or drawing of a person, especially face portrait
  • preacher : person who delivers sermons and talks in public about a religion or belief
  • proletariat : lowest working classes or common people
  • propaganda : means of spreading a doctrine or idea
  • pyramid : monumental stone tomb with sloping sides meeting at apex in which Egyptian Pharaoh's body is placed after death
  • reign : period of rule
  • savior : person who saves from ruin; redeemer; deliverer
  • siege : operations by army to gain possession of fortified place
  • stigmata : marks corresponding to Christ's wounds made by nails
  • usury : lending of money at exorbitant or illegal rates of interest especially in the Middle Ages
  • vassal : person who holds land of a superior lord by feudal tenure

Try the Quiz : History : History Vocabulary III

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