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History : History Vocabulary III

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antiquityold times especially before the Middle Ages
apprenticeperson who learns a skill from an expert
artifactobject made by human beings
barbarianperson who is uncultured or uncivilized
chivalrymedieval knightly system showing courtesy and bravery
conquerorperson especially king who takes possession of territory by force
consulofficial chosen by vote to govern Rome; State agent in foreign country
crusademedieval military expedition to recover Palestine; campaign against recognized evil
descendantperson born in the same family with common ancestor
edictorder or official statement issued by authority
entrepreneurperson who takes financial risks hoping for large profits and control of commercial enterprise
exilelong absence from one's country as punishment
gipsy, gypsymember of a wandering race especially Asian
hermitperson who has withdrawn from society and is living alone
humanismliterary culture and intellectual movement during the Renaissance with devotion to human interests
inhabitantperson who dwells in a place
knightperson raised to honorable military rank
mandateorder to act from the League of Nations
Middle Agesperiod about A.D. 1000 - 1400; period of history in Europe after fall of the Roman Empire
missionaryperson who preaches a religion or goes on religious missions
mysticperson who believes in spiritual power or hidden meaning
nationalismpatriotic feelings for one's country
navigatorperson who directs the course of a ship or voyage often using charts
Nazimember of German National Socialist party
pacificistperson opposed to force, war and serving in the military
Pan-Africanismmovement for political union of all Africans
partisanperson committed to a party, side or cause
patricianperson of noble birth especially wealthy landowner in ancient Rome
patriotlover of one's country
philosopherperson in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge
plebeianperson of low birth especially common person in ancient Rome
pogromorganized massacre especially of Jewish community in Russia
portraitpainting, photograph or drawing of a person, especially face portrait
preacherperson who delivers sermons and talks in public about a religion or belief
proletariatlowest working classes or common people
propagandameans of spreading a doctrine or idea
pyramidmonumental stone tomb with sloping sides meeting at apex in which Egyptian Pharaoh's body is placed after death
reignperiod of rule
saviorperson who saves from ruin; redeemer; deliverer
siegeoperations by army to gain possession of fortified place
stigmatamarks corresponding to Christ's wounds made by nails
usurylending of money at exorbitant or illegal rates of interest especially in the Middle Ages
vassalperson who holds land of a superior lord by feudal tenure

Try the Quiz : History : History Vocabulary III

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