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Cooking Terms Quiz 2

MEANING to COOKING TERM : For each meaning below, identify the most suitable cooking term (one word).

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mix an ingredient gently with a folding action into a light whisked mixture or batter such that it retains its lightness
  First letter clue  


stretch and press or massage something soft like dough with hands
  First letter clue  


give extra flavor and piquancy to food by adding salt, pepper or herbs
  First letter clue  


sprinkle a powdered substance lightly so as to cover the top layer of food
  First letter clue  


bake pie bases pricked well with a fork without filling
  First letter clue  


beat cream, eggs, batter, etc. till thick and frothy
  First letter clue  


a pan of hot water in which a bowl of food is placed for slow cooking
  First letter clue  

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