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blanchimmerse (vegetables) for short time in boiling water
boilcook in boiling water till done
broilcook on a fire or gridiron
parboilcook in boiling water till partially done
steamcook in the steam of boiling water without food touching the water
roastcook by subjecting to high heat in an oven
stir-frycook by frying quickly over high heat whilst stirring constantly
bakecook by dry heat in an oven
puréemake (fruits or vegetables) into pulp or smooth paste
blendmix smoothly
beatmix cooking ingredients vigorously so as to incorporate air making the mixture thick and smooth
shallow-fryfry in very little hot oil or fat
sautefry quickly in an open pan in little oil
mashbeat or crush into a soft mass
chopcut into small pieces with heavy blows
grateshred finely by rubbing against a rough or jagged surface
stewcook by simmering liquid in a closed pot
garnishdecorate food
greasecoat the surface of a dish or mould with fat to prevent sticking
bastemoisten meat or vegetables with melted fat while it is cooking
marinadesoak meat or fish in a flavored liquid for some time before being cooked

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Cooking Terms Quiz 1

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