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Cooking Terms Quiz 2

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  • scald : heating milk till it nearly boils
  • season : give extra flavor and piquancy to food by adding salt, pepper or herbs
  • simmer : cook or boil very gently
  • skim : remove something, often scum, from the surface of a liquid
  • sift : pass wet or dry food through a sieve to separate out or remove any lumps or impurities
  • poach : cook fish, eggs, etc. gently in or over a small amount of simmering liquid
  • bind : combine dry ingredients by adding egg or melted fat so as to hold together
  • pressure cook : cook food quickly by steam under pressure
  • fold in : mix an ingredient gently with a folding action into a light whisked mixture or batter such that it retains its lightness
  • knead : stretch and press or massage something soft like dough with hands
  • dust : sprinkle a powdered substance lightly so as to cover the top layer of food
  • bake blind : bake pie bases pricked well with a fork without filling
  • whip : beat cream, eggs, batter, etc. till thick and frothy
  • flambé : (finished dish) served covered in flaming alcohol
  • shred : cut into very thin strips
  • chill : place food in refrigerator till fairly cold without freezing
  • grind : crush foodstuff into tiny pieces or powder
  • grill : cook under a grill or on a gridiron radiating heat normally downwards
  • deep-fry : fry in lot of hot oil or fat
  • bain-marie : a pan of hot water in which a bowl of food is placed for slow cooking

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Cooking Terms Quiz 2

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