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Japan Quiz : Japanese Food

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Given the FOOD, identify the JAPANESE NAME

1. wheat noodles in a thick fish broth with vegetables and fish cakes
Answer: ankake udon

2. A set lunch box
Answer: bento

3. fried rice with green peas, eggs, pork and shrimp
Answer: chaahan

4. buckwheat noodles served in soup with a variety of toppings
Answer: gomoku soba

5. curry, usually made with beef served with rice
Answer: karee raisu

6. deep-fried breaded pork served on a bed of rice cooked with egg, onions and green peas
Answer: katsu don

7. fermented bean paste soup with vegetables and bean curd
Answer: miso-shiru

8. fish cooked in a sauce
Answer: ni zakana

9. a winter soup made with vegetables, eggs and fish cakes
Answer: oden

10. green vegetables boiled and served with soy sauce
Answer: ohitashi

11. wheat noodles served in a broth containing meat, seafood and vegetables
Answer: ramen

12. thin slices of beef cooked in a broth with vegetables
Answer: shabu shabu

13. very thin wheat noodles served chilled with diced cucumber and a soy-sauce dip
Answer: soomen

14. Thin slices of beef, bean curd, noodles, leeks and other vegetables simmered in mixture of soy sauce, rice wine and sugar
Answer: sukiyaki

15. wheat noodles in broth served topped with thin slices of battered and deep-fried meat or seafood and vegetables
Answer: tempura udon

16. pickled vegetables
Answer: tsukemono

17. fried vegetables
Answer: yasai itame

18. stewed vegetables
Answer: yasai no nimono

19. a thick soup made with prawns, shellfish, chicken, bean curd and vegetables
Answer: yosenabe

20. a summer dish of cold buckwheat noodles served with cold soup
Answer: zaru soba

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