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Japan Quiz : Japanese Food

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wheat noodles in a thick fish broth with vegetables and fish cakesankake udon
A set lunch boxbento
fried rice with green peas, eggs, pork and shrimpchaahan
buckwheat noodles served in soup with a variety of toppingsgomoku soba
curry, usually made with beef served with ricekaree raisu
deep-fried breaded pork served on a bed of rice cooked with egg, onions and green peaskatsu don
fermented bean paste soup with vegetables and bean curdmiso-shiru
fish cooked in a sauceni zakana
a winter soup made with vegetables, eggs and fish cakesoden
green vegetables boiled and served with soy sauceohitashi
wheat noodles served in a broth containing meat, seafood and vegetablesramen
thin slices of beef cooked in a broth with vegetablesshabu shabu
very thin wheat noodles served chilled with diced cucumber and a soy-sauce dipsoomen
Thin slices of beef, bean curd, noodles, leeks and other vegetables simmered in mixture of soy sauce, rice wine and sugarsukiyaki
wheat noodles in broth served topped with thin slices of battered and deep-fried meat or seafood and vegetablestempura udon
pickled vegetablestsukemono
fried vegetablesyasai itame
stewed vegetablesyasai no nimono
a thick soup made with prawns, shellfish, chicken, bean curd and vegetablesyosenabe
a summer dish of cold buckwheat noodles served with cold soupzaru soba

Try the Quiz : Japan Quiz : Japanese Food

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