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History : History Vocabulary I

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angeldivine messenger of God
annexationaddition of territories or territories to existing ones
artisancraftsman or manually skilled worker
bushidocode of conduct for samurai in Japan emphasizing obedience to one's master
capitalaccumulated wealth; money and stock with which company starts
chariotcar drawn by horses used in ancient times
collectivismcollective ownership of land and means of production / distribution
corporationbody of persons or business owned by body of investors
creoledescendant of French or Spanish settlers in America
crucifixionact of putting to death on a cross especially that of Christ
culturecustoms and lifestyle of a group of people
Czar, Tsar, Tzaremperor or king of Russian Empire
dictatorabsolute ruler or person with supreme authority
federal(of States) united, but independent in internal matters
fortificationdefensive work to protect against enemy
guildassociation with common interest, e.g., of merchants or artisans
hejira, hegiraMohammedian era dating from A.D. 622; Mohammed's journey from Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622
HellenismGreek culture
karmadestiny or fate in next life is decided by sum of person's actions in previous lives according to Hinduism / Buddhism
kibbutzcollective farm in Israel
KnessetIsraeli parliament
kremlinRussian government; citadel in Russian town especially that in Moscow
literacyability to read and write
materialismbelief that material prosperity is the requirement for a good life
memoirsaccount of one's own life or experiences
Messiahdeliverer expected by the Jews
modernizationadoption of modern means for producing quality goods and services
monotheismbelief in one God
monumentbuildings and statues designed or serving to commemorate people or things
mummydead body of Egyptian Pharaoh that has been embalmed for preservation
MuslimFollower of Islam and believer in prophet Muhammad's teachings
palanquincovered litter for a person carried on poles, formerly used in India and the East
papyrusancient writing material made from the paper reed grown on the banks of the Nile
PharaohEgyptian king
polytheismbelief in more than one God
republicState where people are supreme; system of government where citizens elect leaders exercising right to vote
self-sufficiencycondition of supporting oneself without aid from others
senateState council of ancient Rome with nobles meeting to make laws; modern legislature
shogunchief general in Japan with more political power than emperor after 1162
statecivil community with its own government and laws
suffragistadvocate of extending voting rights especially to women
tyrannycruel government and oppressive use of authority
westernizationadoption of western ideas and lifestyles by other countries

Try the Quiz : History : History Vocabulary I

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