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G.    Gravitation     ... 51
G.1   Introduction ... 51
G.2   Kepler's Laws ... 51
         Example G.1: Time Periods of Satellites
G.3   Newton's Law of Gravitation ... 51
         Example G.2: Gravitational Force of Attraction
         Example G.3: Three Stars in a Circular Orbit
G.4   Acceleration due to Gravity ... 51
         Example G.4: Acceleration on Other Planets
G.5   Factors affecting Acceleration due to Gravity ... 52
         Example G.5: Acceleration due to Gravity at a Height
         Example G.6: Acceleration due to Gravity at a Depth
G.6   Gravitational Intensity and Potential ... 53
         Example G.7: Gravitational Potential Energy
G.7   Satellites ... 53
         Example G.8: Time Periods and Orbital Velocities of Satellites
G.8   Escape Velocity ... 53
         Example G.9: Escape Velocity of a Satellite
G.9   Planets ... 53
         Multiple-Choice Questions ... 54
         Problem G.1: Time Period of Pendulum ... 55
         Problem G.2: Height of Geostationary Satellite ... 56
         Problem G.3: Escape Velocity for Body ... 57
         Problem G.4: Gravitational Force of Ring ... 58
         Problem G.5: Resultant Force at Point Between Planet and Satellite ... 59
         Challenging Problem: Distance Between Two Masses ... 60
         Challenging Problems for Practice ... 61

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