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Brinjal Carrot

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Syvum presents interactive recipes allowing immediate recalculation of ingredient amounts and cooking times during various steps of the recipes. The following list presents a few of the recipes on Syvum.

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Recipes for Soups
Recipes for Salads
Recipes for Starters
Recipes for Snacks
Recipes for Dips
Recipes for Stir-Fry and Curry Dishes
Recipes for Pasta and Rice Dishes
Recipes for Desserts

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Indian Recipes for Soups
Indian Recipes for Salads
Indian Recipes for Starters
Indian Recipes for Snacks
Indian Recipes for Vegetable Dishes
Indian Recipes for Dals
Indian Recipes for Rice Dishes
Indian Recipes for Yoghurt Dishes
Indian Recipes for Desserts
Indian Recipes for Accompaniments

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Indian Recipes for Chicken Soups
Indian Recipes for Chicken Starters
Indian Recipes for Chicken Curry Dishes
Indian Recipes for Chicken Rice Dishes

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Indian Recipes for Fish Starters
Indian Recipes for Fried Fish
Indian Recipes for Seafood Stir-Fry & Fish Curry Dishes
Indian Recipes for Rice Dishes

Click here    Thai Recipes : Cuisine from Thailand

Thai Recipes for Soups
Thai Recipes for Salads & Starters
Thai Recipes for Curry Dishes
Thai Recipes for Noodles & Rice Dishes
Thai Recipes for Sauces & Curry Pastes

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